Air and liquids that are present inside the PET bottles pose an obstacle during the baling process. In order to remove this obstacle and boost the baling efficiency, our PET perforator machine perforates and scratches the PET plastics so the air and liquids are flowed out thus a higher yield is achieved during baling process.



Flap mechanism generates additional pressing force during baling process and thus directly boosts the baling efficiency. Baler knives are exposed to less force and thus their durability is increased. Moreover, it decreases the baling time and increases weight of the bales by approximately 11 per cent.


Touch Screen
PLC Automation

Siemens products, supported with Profinet communication, are used in automation system infrastructure. 12” Siemens industrial touch screen provides a user friendly interface with visual elements that eases the handling of the operator. Thanks to pressure regulation function offered by the screen, pressure of the “Jaw” and “Ram” can be traced. Furthermore maintenance and servicing time can be decreased by using error diagnostics and maintenance tabs. Pizzato / Siemens safety products are used within the system to both trace potential risks and to take required precautions.


Wire Feeder/ Twister
Cutter Mechanisms

Standard and reliablie bale wiring is achieved with the help of these systems that play a key role in rigid forming of bales. Even amount of wiring for each bale guarantees equal intervals, even loadbearing, and less wire consumption.